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Overseas Transportation (Repatriation)

For the day when we hear “Thank you” from all over the world
Returning loved one to their home country

The TEAR Group handles all procedures related to the overseas transportation of foreign nationals who have passed away in Japan. We will responsibly assist in the deceased’s final journey, from looking after the body to transporting it to the final destination.

Also, please feel free to consult with us about returning those who have passed away overseas and having funeral services in Japan. We wish to deliver the deceased to their home country and family members waiting there, so they can say goodbye while seeing their faces. We will keep spreading our services around the world by realizing the TEAR Group’s goal, namely the opportunity to give the “final thank you.”

Inquiries for Overseas Transportation

TEAR Group’s Four Advantages

Advantage 1From Japan to the world and from the world to Japan. Serving as a bridge between countries around the world

There are various methods and acceptance systems for overseas transportation, depending on the country, region, and even religious reasons.

Not only are English language skills required for contacting embassies, preparing necessary documents, including translations, and arranging airfreight, but also specialized knowledge is often necessary. By handling such highly specialized overseas transportation, the TEAR Group aims to stay close to more customers in their final moments.

Advantage 2One-stop support led by experienced embalmers

When transporting the body overseas, embalming procedures are required for preservation and infectious disease prevention. The TEAR Group’s overseas transportation services are led by embalmers with proven skills, and handled by our in-house team. By taking care of all embalming and overseas transportation, we hope to reduce the physical and mental burden on the bereaved family as well as the cost of transportation.

Note: However, there are cases where embalming may not be effective, depending on the body’s condition. Only with the receiving side’s consent may we cremate the body and deliver the bone ash to them.

Furthermore, we handle all procedures in-house, such as contacting embassies; arranging airfreight; preparing necessary goods for air transportation; and submitting various documents. That is why we can quickly coordinate schedules. Our consistent involvement enables us to have a deeper understanding of necessary information, leading us to provide attentive and thoughtful services.

Advantage 3Unique know-how and industry-first attempt to realize reliable prices

We provide all services consistently, from embalming to transportation and delivery at the destination, to reduce the costs, including brokerage fees, and realize prices that allow our customers to feel assured about our services.

In the case of overseas transportation, the weight of the cargo at the time of air transportation significantly impacts the cost. For this reason, the TEAR Group has teamed up with a lumber company to develop a unique coffin for overseas transportation. By using a special technique to make the wood thinner, we were able to reduce the weight to approximately half that of a standard wooden coffin. Using new materials makes it possible to build a robust structure and reduce transportation costs.

Advantage 4Memorial meetings can be held at a TEAR hall

You can hold a memorial meeting prior to the departure of the deceased at one of the TEAR Group’s halls.
You will have enough time to say goodbye while seeing the face of the deceased.
Although it requires scheduling and additional costs, many of our customers have requested this service.

About embalming

What is embalming?

Embalming is a scientific and surgical procedure to embalm, disinfect, and sterilize a corpse for long-term preservation.
This allows the body to be laid to rest at room temperature without the use of refrigerants for an extended time and transported to remote locations.
In addition, our “setting the features” treatment restores the facial features of those injured in accidents or who have become weaker through their illness journey. This way, the deceased will be brought back as close to their appearance when they are full of spirit.

TEAR’s embalming service

Japan’s leading embalmers belong to our group. We also have specialized facilities with dedicated equipment.
The TEAR Group has two embalming centers in Japan, one in the Tokai area and the other in the Kansai area.
As our embalmers have experience in the United States, a country with advanced embalming technology, they lead our team to perform embalming at our specialized facilities with carefully selected equipment.
We will set the deceased’s features and outfits while facing them sincerely and thinking over their life.

Steps in the process of overseas transportation (from Japan to overseas)

    1. 1. From the first report to the arrival of the body

      Once we receive phone calls from the bereaved family, hospitals, police, funeral director, and/or embassies, we will confirm information about the deceased such as name, gender, age, and location. After we check the death certificate, a date and time to pick up the body will be arranged. We will perform the procedures of the domestic transportation of the body from the resting place.

      At the same time, we will confirm the destination airport to deliver the body to and the receiving location, contact relevant embassies, arrange for air freight through an agent, and procure a coffin and other necessary items.

    2. 2. From the arrival of the body to the day of departure

      After the body arrives at the embalming facility, the deceased’s identity will be verified again. Then, the embalming procedure will be performed according to the embalming request form. Through embalming for preservation and infectious disease prevention, the body can be kept clean for a long period.

      n addition, if the death certificate has not been submitted yet, we will take care of the submission procedures on behalf of our customers. We also perform other administrative procedures, such as notarizing and organizing necessary documents. Through visiting the embassies and contacting the receiving side, we will confirm methods for airport pick-up and the delivery date and time. We will work closely with local funeral directors to make arrangements.

    3. 3. Coffining and memorial meetings

      After embalming, we dress the body, apply makeup and place it in the coffin.

      If preferred, you can hold a memorial meeting prior to the departure of the deceased at one of the TEAR Group’s halls.

    4. 4. From the day of departure to confirmation of takeoff

      Once final confirmation of documents is made, the body and necessary documents will be handed over to the transporter. Generally, the departure date will be approximately one week to ten days after the body arrives at the embalming facility.

      After confirming it has taken off safely, we will provide the receiving side with the final reminder.

Inquiries for Overseas Transportation

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Overseas transportation is an arrangement for transporting a foreign national who has passed away in Japan to their home country or for accepting a Japanese national back in Japan who has passed abroad.
    In addition to contacting embassies (consulates) , various paperwork, airfreight arrangements, embalming of the deceased for preservation, and infectious disease prevention will be required for overseas transportation.
    TEAR has a support system in these areas to provide consistent services.
    We can also assist you in holding memorial meetings at TEAR halls, where you can spend the last hours with the deceased to say goodbye before leaving Japan.

  2. Yes, we can. If the death notification has not been submitted, we can submit it on your behalf.
    In addition, TEAR will quickly contact embassies, arrange airfreight for the deceased, prepare necessary goods for air transportation, and submit various documents.
    We will explain in detail the procedures you need to go through at the time of the meeting.

  3. We will inform you of the flight number of the deceased, and you will be responsible for arranging flight tickets for accompanying persons.
    In most cases, accompanying persons will board one flight earlier than the deceased’s and wait at the arrival airport.

  4. Yes, we can. Please call us for inquiries first.

  5. In cases where the body is too damaged to embalm, we may have it cremated locally and send the bone ash back to the home country.
    For local cremation, it will be required to submit the death notification of the deceased to the local diplomatic mission abroad and have a cremation permit and a certificate of corpse issued.

  6. We have the list of estimated costs for transportation to major city airports on our website. However, the price will vary depending on different factors, such as changes in the fuel surcharge and unit price of the airfare, the laws and regulations of the involved countries, and the body’s condition. For details, we will quote for each case.

Estimated Costs

Estimated costs to each major city airport (example) , including embalming costs

City name Transportation costs
Los Angeles from 1 million yen
New York from 1.03 million yen
Toronto from 1.03 million yen
London from 1.18 million yen
Seoul from 920,000 yen
City name Transportation costs
Manila from 910,000 yen
Hanoi from 980,000 yen
Bangkok from 960,000 yen
Sydney 980,000 yen
Beijing 920,000 yen
  • We also provide transportation to cities other than those listed above.
  • Prices may vary due to changes in the unit price of fuel surcharges and other fees.
  • The bereaved family must make their air travel arrangements to return home.

Inquiries for Overseas Transportation